Robby Spring


Executive Committee

  1. Who am I: I am a young professional, who works full time in research, and is also completing a Master of Health Science in Translational Research.
  2. What is my passion in life: My passion is spending time with my husband, family and friends. My second passion is my estate jewellery business, Robby Spring Curated Jewellery 
  3. Why am I here: I am here because my brother is autistic. It is important to contribute and give back to others who have ASD or are affected by autism.
  4. What does philanthropy mean to me: It means giving back, whether it is financial or by providing time and expertise.
  5. What impact do I want to make as part of the AS2YP family: I want to help with research and education initiatives.
  6. If I could travel anywhere in the world with a knapsack, a journal and my favouritechocolate bar, where would it be: Japa