Geoffrey Mendelssohn

Geoffrey Mendelssohn

Executive Committee

1. Who am I: My full name is Geoffrey Ian Mendelssohn, but I’m known by most as simply ‘Geoff’.

2. What is my passion in life: Aside from having full access to cine-matic excellence, my passion is to inspire as many people in my life as there have been inspirations in mine. And just to provide a standard, I’ve got a LOT of inspirations.

3. Why am I here: I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 6 and told when I was 10, so naturally I grew up with chal-lenges, but I overcame them. That’s why my least favourite word is ‘disability.’ I’m not disabled, I’m differently-abled. And that’s why I’m here; to show others on the Autism Spectrum how differently-abled they can be.

4. What does philanthropy mean to me: Philanthropy to me is so much more than showing up at a nice gala in a suit or a dress and donating a few dollars. It means being beside the cause you care deeply about and showing that you’re willing to put an arm around them and help them climb their hill with them.

5. What impact do I want to make as part of the AS2YP family: I want my impact to show that someone who has grown on the Autism Spectrum can do well for themselves, they can function in life and they can do exactly what people without ASD-related symptoms are doing every single day.

6. If I could travel anywhere in the world with a knapsack, a journal and my favourite chocolate bar, where would it be: Well, I’m guessing all I have is a day with the items listed since toiletries, money and other necessities aren’t listed (sorry to dive into speci-ficities, that’s Asperger’s for you, haha) but I think I’d go to New Orleans. I’ve never been to the place and it’s always been fasci-nating to me with its historical aspects, Bourbon St., and all of the great culinary elements. Plus, it’ll give me a good chance to actu-ally indulge in a Caramilk for once!