Jay Khandke

Jay Khandke

Executive Committee

1. Who am I: I am a young, Millennial professional living in Toronto and building my career in the Advertising/Publishing industry.

2. What is my passion in life: I am deeply motivated by the pursuit of happiness in all it’s shapes and forms, from identifying and following through with small gestures that make someones day brighter to learning about the evolution of human behaviour, to playing an in-tense soccer game with the various teams I play on and spending time having great conversa-tions and/or doing fun activities with loved ones, I find happiness in learning opportunities al-most every day. I guess you could say learning, having fun along the way and being helpful are key to a person like me sustaining a passion and zest for life.

3. Why am I here: I’m here to understand how I can use my skills and attitude to further a cause that has recently touched me in a personal way and hopefully through involvement and effort, impact the lives of those affected by ASD in a positive, measurable way.

4. What does philanthropy mean to me: To me, philanthropy is when one recognizes they have the power and means within themselves to promote the welfare of others through influ-ence, resources and monetary support.

5. What impact do I want to make as part of the AS2YP family: I want to collaborate with like-minded individuals and chip away at making measurable impact starting with helping to grow the AS2YP organization through my own network of Millennial professionals and beyond that, to help nurture and grow specific fund-raising projects to further raise awareness of ASD in Canada to help families and individuals in need of resources to enjoy an increasingly better and better quality of life.

6. If I could travel anywhere in the world with a knapsack, a journal and my favourite choco-late bar, where would it be: It’s really a toss up between Amsterdam, Iceland or New Zealand. All seem to be countries where incredible beauty can be found with ease. Also, my knapsack would be full of Twix.