Laura Johanson

Executive Committee

1. Who am I: Laura Johanson, Mother, Chef and Certified Holistic Nutritionist

2. What is my passion in life: Food, travel and my family

3. Why am I here: I am here to help give back to the ASD community and offer support to raise awareness.

4. What does philanthropy mean to me: To me, philanthropy means helping others by improving their quality of life.

5. What impact do I want to make as part of the AS2YP family: As a parent of a child with ASD, I want to use my insight and experi-ence to help other families and individuals affected by ASD reach their highest potential.

6. If I could travel anywhere in the world with a knapsack, a journal and my favourite chocolate bar, where would it be: I would love to hike and bike though Europe with my family and would definitely have a few salted caramel dark chocolate bars in my backpack and my camera.